The birth of Sebastian Stanley

Welcoming Sebastian

For most people, April 15th only has one meaning: taxes are due. But this particular April 15th was especially memorable for the Blackmans because this was the day they’d finally get to meet their son Sebastian Stanley. As I packed myself and my gear into the car to head to WakeMed Cary, I couldn’t help to be overly excited. Not only was I getting the honor of capturing someone’s happiest day ever but these people happened to be very dear to me! Chris and Sarah are my older cousins and how God aligned everything to work so I could be their photographer was just amazing! I had been anticipating this moment along with everyone else in our family. Around 9:30am I met their sweet glowing faces in the lobby of WakeMed and the journey to meeting Sebastian Stanley began! Take a look at the day through my lens.

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Courtney Martin