AAU Select Tour Greensboro

Sometimes I get to step out of my comfort zone and do something fun like take behind the scenes photos of a basketball camp. Oh how I love action shots! The AAU Select Tour came to Greensboro, NC on August 18th, 2019. We spent the day at Proehlific Park which is an amazing multipurpose gym in Greensboro, NC owned by ex-Panthers player Ricky Proehl. Middle and high school aged kids traveled from near and far to spend a day gaining knowledge from some key guest speakers such as Personal Development Coach and author Coach Lynch Hunt. The camp goers were also in for a day of running drills with the camp coaches and playing multiple live basketball games with the other 200+ basketball players who were in attendance. The AAU Select Tour is a great opportunity for kids who are looking to sharpen their skills and gain more experience. You can find them on Instagram at @aauselecttour and at their website www.aauselecttour.org. You never know when they’ll be coming to your city next!!

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Lawfully Ever Larson - June 13th Wedding

On July 13th I had the pleasure of capturing the oh so lovely wedding of Mary Catherine and Tyler. Their day was absolutely wonderful! They tied the knot at The Sutherland in Wake Forest, NC with lots of friends and family in attendance. I remember the officiant jokingly saying that the groom wouldn’t be the only one sweating during the ceremony because in true North Carolina summer fashion….IT WAS HOT. But that didn’t put a damper on the love felt throughout the evening. After the ceremony the couple celebrated with a live band and danced the night away. The details and small touches that was put into this wedding truly made it a memorable one! Here’s a look at their day of love through my lens.

Photo slideshow:
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RAW Raleigh: ARISE

The night of July 11th was full of art, dancing, music, fashion and more at the Ritz in Raleigh. RAW Artists made their way back to the Carolina’s and presented their showcase called ARISE. Being someone who has participated as a RAW artist twice, I truly appreciate and enjoy this event because of the genuine appreciation and love given to all talents and all types of art. Last night was especially special because my best friend Sol Leigh was showcasing her awesome and eclectic acrylic art + wearable art (you can find her information below!) I bounced around from vendor to vendor for about an hour (I was super late thanks to the random thunderstorm that happened, NC weather problems!) and met lots of amazingly talented people. Take a trip through my lens and check out some of the beautiful art and even more beautiful faces!!

FULL ALBUM LOCATED HERE: https://artbycourtwinter.pixieset.com/rawarise/


Shoutouts the vendors I met! I grabbed cards from most of you and I just want to take a moment to share your information :) If you see any photos of you or your art in the album, feel free to download them to share on your social media!! Please remember to CREDIT THE PHOTOGRAPHER @artbycourtwinter in all photos!

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Prom 2019

Senior Prom 2019

8 years ago I went to my senior prom….8 years later I’m shooting prom photos for people who go to the same high school as I did (Go Cavs!!) This hit me right in the feels!

I had the most wonderful time photographing Taliea and her date before they went off to enjoy their prom night. We opted for some areas in Downtown Sanford. Everyone loves to go to Depot Park, Kiwanis Park and San Lee Park so I thought…lets dare to be different and embrace our city’s aesthetic.

Brick is so nice to photograph because no brick is the same and you can literally pair any look/vibe with a nice brick wall. There’s also a lot of history behind brick making in Sanford! I was also able to find a few areas that had some greenery just to add some versatility to their session. Though it was literally one of the hottest days this year, it was a fun session filled with laughs, positive vibes and good ol’ fashioned hometown feels.

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ABCW: Publications/Features

Sometimes I get the pleasure of seeing my photos published in really cool places! Here’s a few awesome features I’ve gotten in the past year.


This feature was awesome because it was totally unexpected! The awesome model, GV, had shared the post with me and it blew me away! My work was published on a NATIONAL platform for the first time ever. They had randomly found the photo on Instagram and per their words “liked it so much.” I’m sure the hot pink pant suit had A LOT to do with it :) Haha. This is definitely one that goes down in the books!



If you’ve visited my blog before or follow me on Instagram you might have seen a few clips of me working at Harvard University and attending a documentary premiere at The United Nations building. As if being able to see my photography featured in an amazing documentary wasn’t enough…..shortly after the premiere, my photos were featured in a French newspaper!! There were print copies and an online publication as well. Photographed is Melodie, Juan Carlos (Directors) and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos who served his country from 2010-2018.


VoyageMIA Magazine

A model I’ve worked with MANY times was featured on VoyageMIA’s website! Esther’s photo was featured on the homepage, the sidebar and her interview. This shot was from one of my very first shoots in Miami.


ChicBrownBride Feature

One of my absolute favorite photos was featured on a very well-known bridal/wedding platform called ChicBrownBride! This shot was a favorite because we reenacted the same pose that we did at their wedding almost a year later during a family session. It was an honor to have my wedding/family work seen on such a large platform!

Jose Marti Park Photoshoot

Miami, Miami, Miami

One of my favorite things to do when I was living in Miami was find different and unique locations to shoot at. Most of the time you could find me in nature or around some type of art but on this day I chose a beautiful urban park with an unbeatable view of the Miami River. Jose Marti Park is an absolute gem for it’s location and versatility. We got the pleasure of seeing a little friend swimming along the river as we were shooting as well! A baby manatee! You never know what you’ll encounter on a Miami adventure. Check out this behind the scenes video of the model, Bre, and I getting our shots. You’ll also see some final edits from the session. #artbycourtwinter

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Keilani Cake Smash

Birthday cake, anyone?

This sweet girl had no issues tearing into her first tiny birthday cake! This was just a quick backyard session but who says adorable shots are all about location?! Book your baby a smash cake session! These photos make for great birthday invitations!

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The birth of Sebastian Stanley

Welcoming Sebastian

For most people, April 15th only has one meaning: taxes are due. But this particular April 15th was especially memorable for the Blackmans because this was the day they’d finally get to meet their son Sebastian Stanley. As I packed myself and my gear into the car to head to WakeMed Cary, I couldn’t help to be overly excited. Not only was I getting the honor of capturing someone’s happiest day ever but these people happened to be very dear to me! Chris and Sarah are my older cousins and how God aligned everything to work so I could be their photographer was just amazing! I had been anticipating this moment along with everyone else in our family. Around 9:30am I met their sweet glowing faces in the lobby of WakeMed and the journey to meeting Sebastian Stanley began! Take a look at the day through my lens.

View slideshow below:
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Katie and Josh: A Downtown Raleigh Engagement

On December 22, 2018 I got the pleasure of capturing this super sweet engagement! Katie and Josh were enjoying a night on the town and Josh had a little surprise in store. He cleverly told Katie we were just doing a Christmas shoot because she loves Christmas so much. He shared a few of his thoughts with his future bride before he dropped to one knee to pop the question. Yay for Christmas engagements and yay for these two!! Congratulations Katie and Josh!!!

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